December 23, 2021

Land Management Training for Field Advisors

A key part of supporting landowners with the development of their Sediment Reduction Plans (SRPs) and Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) is ensuring trusted, local advisory services.

At the end of November, we held land advisor training with 13 people interested in working with us in developing SRPs and FEPs across the Kaipara catchment. The advisors went through KMR-specific training, including KMR kaupapa and tikanga Māori, and technical and people skills. The training also covered national policy and regulations around the Resource Management Act and Regional Plans.

The group was welcomed to the Rohe by Te Uri o Hau Settlement Trust and the training was designed and led by Duncan Kervell and KMR operational staff.  With guest speakers from the local soil conservation experts , fencing industry contractor, Rural Support Trust , landowners and  further supported by Matt Highway from the New Zealand Association of Resource Managment (NZARM)

Matt had this to say –

This field advisor training really hit the mark for the goals of the KMR programme, and was impressively put together despite being a newly minted course. Over four days some highly practical modules around fencing, planting, regulations, engagement and the geophysical history of the Kaipara were covered. The last day and a half were focussed on a mock up sediment reduction plan where groups were split up and assigned a trainer. I was fortunate enough to be one of those trainers, switching in and out of my role as a mock farmer, testing different approaches with the team and how they might navigate towards an outcome that met KMRs goals but also fitted with the farmer’s goals and farming operation. The group I was with approached this task with the right amount of knowledge, openness and humbleness that provided me a confidence that the Kaipara community will be well supported as they strive to deliver on this aspirational and worthwhile programme. “

We’ll look to host another Field Advisor Training in February, and if you or someone you know is interested in working in this space email for more details, or you can fill out the Expression of Interest form on our website.

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