October 10, 2021

Fonterra Tiaki Partnership Underway

Dairy cooperative Fonterra and KMR have joined efforts to support dairy farms in the Kaipara catchment to develop Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) and undertake remediation works.
Last month Fonterra and the KMR Programme Joint Committee signed the Fonterra Tiaki Partnership, valued at $1.5m. This agreement highlights sediment reduction as a major focus for the first stages of the Programme.
Dairy farms occupy 23% of the 640,000 Kaipara catchment and are estimated to contribute around 24% of the sediment load to the harbour. This collaborative project acknowledges the strong relationships Fonterra has in the catchment area and highlights the unique opportunity to support and accelerate the completion of FEPs and subsequent environmental remediation activities on dairy farms with a collective effort.
The contract will see 150 FEPs being developed and $900,000 of remediation works being undertaken, including planting and fencing.

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