Working Together

The KMR Programme is an opportunity to bring together skills, expertise, knowledge, energy, understanding to solve an issue that is much greater than any one of us.

To reflect this focus on collaboration, KMR is partnering with a wide range of groups and organisations, including iwi/hapū, marae, nurseries, fencers, education providers, industry and more. Documents related to these partnerships can be found below.

Accredited Suppliers

Following an open process to seek expressions of interest, we have worked with a wide range of enterprises, spanning commercial companies, iwi/hapū affiliated providers and whānau-based teams, to evaluate and accredit nursery, planting and fencing suppliers to the KMR Programme. Our accredited suppliers can be found below. To receive accreditation, all suppliers must meet quality standards, commit to working to the kaupapa and objectives of the Kaipara Moana Remediation Memorandum of Understanding, and be actively working with communities and businesses within the Kaipara catchment. We have also assessed their experience, familiarity with the Kaipara Harbour area, the level of training opportunities and wellbeing support offered to employees, and their Health and Safety protocols. KMR has accredited a number of nurseries in the Kaipara Moana catchment to supply plants for local KMR remediation activities.

Background Information for Suppliers

It is important all suppliers have a good understanding of the Kaipara Moana Remediation Programme.