September 18, 2021

Ngā Tohu Motuhake Brand Identity Developed For KMR

Over the last year, the KMR Programme Joint Committee has been on a journey to develop an identity for the Programme. Capturing the story of the history, the people, the places, the challenges and the vision that make up this Programme has taken time and has involved the support of many. It is important to acknowledge Kaipara Uri for their invaluable contributions to this process.

KMR’s identity tells a story of the past, present and future of Kaipara Moana, built around the sacred Tiki Wānanga which embed mauri as a primal element of the visual identity. The four Tiki Wananga Pou symbolise (from left to right): Whiro (Deity of Darkness), Tane Māhuta (Deity of the Forest), Tāwhirimātea (Deity of Wind and Storms) and Tangaroa (Deity of the Sea). Individually, each pou represents its own challenges and opportunities and together the pou represent KMR’s journey towards achieving the four investment objectives of natural capital, physical and financial capital, human capital and social capital.

Visually, the brand uses colours and patterns to reflect the people and the places of the Kaipara, such as the toheroa, raupō, pīngao, poutō sands and harakeke. Patterns are woven through the designs to represent the natural environment and the stories of Kaipara Uri. Over the coming months, the Programme’s identity will gradually become more and more visible as resources and other communications take shape.

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