March 26, 2022

Foundation Planting – Come & join us!

KMR is organising a major planting campaign this winter (winter of 2022).  Known as ourFoundation Planting’ campaign, it reflects KMR’s aspirations to significantly scale up planting near waterways – the very foundation of our kaupapa – across the Kaipara Moana catchment.

While we continue to support the many landowners working with us to develop sediment reduction plans, we are also looking for additional landowners in the Kaipara Moana catchment who:

  1. Have more than 1 hectare of land ready to plant this winter within reach of water – a river, stream, wetland or the coastal margins around the Kaipara Moana itself – and that’s fenced if needed (for example, to keep stock out)
  2. Are willing and able to get trees in the ground this winter, either as a result of their own labour, by working with community or other local groups, or by paying accredited KMR contractors.


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