October 21, 2021

Whenua Whānui Fund Launched

KMR presents an opportunity to do things differently to achieve a collective vision.  One example of this is the newly developed Whenua Whānui Fund. The fund has been specially designed to assist non-commercial landowners that support restoration efforts such as land in multiple ownership, community halls, Landcare groups, environmental action groups, and marae. This fund – due to open in the coming weeks – is important because the benefit of community involvement at this level will extend well beyond the restoration itself.

Most funding through the Whenua Whānui Fund will go directly towards remediation work such as planting and fencing, with small amounts also given for management and planning. The funding costs must be matched 50/50, with in-kind contributions such as time and volunteering.

The fund can be applied to a wide range of situations, such as assisting a marae to plant the water margins on its Whenua, or a Landcare group that wants to carry out significant planting on land that has multiple ownership and whose owners may not be farming the land commercially. Projects involving land in public ownership and landowners undertaking projects on their land with community groups may also be considered. Once the application process begins, information and forms will be available on this website.

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